Loving our Homeless Neighbors

Who is this page for?

This page includes a list of tips & resources to equip Judson Baptist Church to be an in-the-moment help to our homeless neighbors. Keep this page in mind as the need for food, shelter, or support comes up as we go about daily life in Oak Park, Austin, and the surrounding Chicagoland area.

Steps to Serve the Homeless

  1. Prepare: Acknowledge the homeless person as your neighbor. Be ready to serve. 
  2. Pray: Pray that God would enable you to serve them to the best of your ability in their present circumstances.
  3. Provide: Ask what they need. Hungry? Thirsty? Need a ventra card? To the best of your ability, seek to meet their needs or connect them with an organization who can meet their needs.

Resources to Network For The Homeless

Short term help may come with a smile, a brief conversation, a few dollars, a prayer, or a meal. Yet, long term help often requires professional care. If you are unable to provide what our neighbors need, this list of resources will help you connect them with a person or organization who can provide the care they require.

  1. Housing Resources (Oak Park): Search the Housing Forward website for phone numbers, walk-in locations, and other resources.
  2. Housing Resources (Chicago): Search the Chicago Shelter website to find a homeless shelter according to proximity or services needed.
  3. Food Resources: Search the Greater Chicago Food Depository map to find food near you.
  4. Network of Care for Behavioral Health (Oak Park Township): Visit the Network of Care website for a list of services organized according to need.
  5. Domestic Abuse: Visit Sarah's Inn website or utilize the 24-hour crisis line at 708-386-4225 (phone) or 708-792-3120 (text).